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Saturday JULY 10th join Jeff as he tells the story of The Little Caterpillar!  At 12 PM CDT
(1 PM EST) join him on ZOOM 3213458327 to hear TLC's story and about what happened to make him beautiful!  It's a story about going through the dark to get to the light.
Resisting delays the process.  
Everyone's darkness is unique - and no one can do your work for you - but, with a little TLC it makes finding the light an incredibly exciting adventure.

My first and most recent books - THE LITTLE BUCKET, THE LITTLE CATERPILLAR and LOVE YOUR ELF are available on Amazon - each book can inspire interesting conversations and bring awareness.

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How about KARAOKE with LIVE MUSIC played for you?  Click for details!

While on MISSION 2020 telling The Little Bucket story in a Tallahassee School - please click to read the Media Center Specialist's comments...



One of the great joys for me in the last several years has been in the memorization of several of the Grimm's Fairy Tales.  While out on Mission 2020 I practiced telling these stories with various small groups. Invariably, there was a sense of feeling together and caught up in the mystery of what our ancestors used to do...before the screenification of our lives...I practice random acts of storytelling - my fees are reasonable - and this is appropriate for any size group.  This can be done in person and virtually. Kick start the energy in your corporation by creating a space for something unique and different.  Give your people a gift they could not have expected.  Appropriate for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, festivals and celebrations of any kind.  CLICK HERE


 - Anne Marie, Melbourne, FL

This was, for me, a truly magical experience! Jeff’s voices brought the story to life for me. It is so refreshing, in the age of the screen, to allow my mind to show me the story and wander, as it will, to new feelings and places.



I am an author, poet, storyteller.  I have a passion

for creating awareness environments through the portal of storytelling! 

I have published 5 children's books since 2014

which address  emotional intelligence and

the unseen "world."

I have the experience of a young student coming up to me and asking, "How do you know what it feels like to be me?"

When those "lights" come on, I know that something is happening.

How would you answer a child who asked

you that question? What would you say?

Please email me your answer!

Books - Click To Buy on



THE LITTLE BUCKET -  From Amazon - "As a beginning place for self-awareness, children learn to set healthy boundaries, identify their feelings (mad, sad, glad, afraid) and learn to safely express all of their feelings appropriately, and even be a good listener in the process. We also learn in the Full-Fillment series that there is a pernicious "hole" in our bucket that seeks to get other children and other people to fill us up."

The Sequel!


...tells the story of what happened after TLB found his missing ingredient!  A dream takes him to the distant galaxy to explore a strange world inhabited by "dry, dusty, and dirty mop heads!"  Hm...what could happen!? CLICK the COVER to find it on Amazon!  Teaches kids to trust, imagine and dream!

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A poetic "wonderment" ...what if the world was populated by zombies? What if it was hard to tell what they were just by how they looked, but only in how they acted? The zombie keeps swallowing and swallowing and never gets enough. Must read this book for an antidote to the apocalyptic illness of "AFFLUENTza" before it's too late!  GULP!


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"The Little Caterpillar" is the fourth book in a collection of books aimed at heightening awareness in children and adolescents. This book follows TLC (The Little Caterpillar) on a day like he could not have anticipated. We get to witness the happenings of his day as if we were TLC himself. The illustrations lure your mind into the space where "transformation" seems plausible, even necessary, in the messed up world of bugs who are only and always competing with each other on a branch.  




Jeffrey Bates (BA, MDIV, CLC), is an expert at creating listening and story telling environments. Small business and large business can benefit hugely from creating these "kinds of spaces." Jeff says. If story telling is to mean anything to us, we must, "start learning to listen again. Telling a story is only half the equation." Jeff says.  Most of post-modern Westerners have only learned to listen to what we hear outside of ourselves.  Jeff thinks we need to learn to listen to the "inside of ourselves." He recently received his certification as a

life coach (UDEMY, AUG 2019) and is building his "FULL-FILLMENT LIFE COACHING" business along with his story telling ventures.  He is a poet, author, social visionary, musician, member of The Mankind Project. He has two teenage children. His son recently joined the Navy.  He lives in Florida on Cocoa Beach where he enjoys the beach and riding his bike to Starbucks.


What people have said about The Little Bucket

As a therapeutic adoptive parent, having tools to illustrate what internal resources are available to a child in the long process of healing trauma is essential. The Little Bucket is such a resource."

Boysen Hodgson,

The Mankind Project USA - Foster Parent, Amazon Review

I think it is really an inspiring book that will help children learn to think for themselves, think better of themselves, interact in a healthy way with others, and learn how to trust themselves in a confusing world."

 Hope Wood, 

Amazon Review

The Little Bucket presents such a profound lesson in a way that children can understand and begin to utilize themselves.
The author visited the school where I teach 4-5yr old preschoolers, and their ability to understand and comprehend the book's meaning was amazing. A great learning tool for both home and school!"

Sara Gilkerson

Pre-School Teacher

Amazon Review


FUTURE BLOG POST Reflection on Creating 

communities of non-reactivity

My reflections on the challenge of creating a community based on NON-REACTIVITY. To become conscious of our reactions is to become curious about our depths.  To "know one's self" and to hold our reactions initiates a transformative, albeit painful, change. Whatever this phrase - "gnothi seauton" (know thyself) - meant to the Greeks - it was the foundation of their culture and civilization. It was a civilization based on character development. To know ourselves today means to become conscious of our depths, though dark, and learn to not blame the artifacts we find there on the outside world or ON history...if and when we learn this, we transform and become agents of change.


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