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LATEST EPISODE  #7  March 30, 2020

Gorilla on His back - now its a book!

I interview author John Fowler about his new book "A Forest In The Clouds." 

From Amazon

"John Fowler takes us into the world of Karisoke Research Center, the remote mountain gorilla camp of Dr. Dian Fossey, a few years prior to her gruesome murder. Instead of the intrepid scientist he had admired in the pages of National Geographic, Fowler finds a chain-smoking, hard-drinking woman bullying her staff into submission. While pressures mount from powers beyond Karisoke in an effort to extricate Fossey from her domain of thirteen years, she brings new students in to serve her most pressing need—to hang on to the remote research camp that has become her mountain home."


FIND JOHN FOWLER - @JohnDFowler on Twitter. 
His website - 

To Purchase A Forest in the Clouds click here -> AMAZON!

The Podcast where BJ interviews people who have done extraordinary things and also have overcome difficult, sometimes disabling circumstances to rise and be better than they were before.

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