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Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon.

Story and Storytelling

Jeffrey Bates is a storyteller and author. He had written and published 5 children's books before this beautiful book with his daughter in September of 2021. Here's a link to his Amazon Page so that you can see his other titles. He's named his books the "Full-Fillment Series" because he sees his books identifying themes that are often about living a fulfilled life. When people have a hard time living a full-filled life they often complain about other people, ignore them and separate themselves. This causes much suffering in the world. Sometimes people treat other people like they aren't good enough, or aren't just plain "enough." Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon is about the moon's realization that she was "enough."  Abundance and happiness are within us, and, if we get off the track looking for them outside, we'll always be unconsciously feeling like something is missing.  Full-Fillment comes in realizing that happiness and completeness can be shared and are found within. Each book of Jeff's contains a message of full-fillment that speaks to a particular aspect of it: "good enough" "full not empty" "one among many, but still one" "looking within, not without, for fulfillment" - - etc. He doesn't sugar coat the journey to get to these realizations, and he makes them humorous and surprising.

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