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Upcoming Itinerary

Place                                   Date                           Group

CAPE CANAVERAL - Blast Off             Feb 22, 2020                      Friends of the Library

with STE 12 Noon Adults and Teens                                           Miss Brittany - organizer

COCOA, FLORIDA                        March 1, 2020                  CUUPS - Unitarian Friends

Tallahassee, FLORIDA                 March 1,-3, 2020         STE - MKP/ VISIT LOCAL Schools

Silver Springs, Florida                 March 4-9, 2020              MKP NWTA - Staffing

Mobile, Alabama                 March 10-12, 2020               STE - MKP/ VISIT LOCAL Schools

New Orleans, LA                  March 13-19, 2020              STE - MKP/ VISIT LOCAL Schools

Pass Christian, MS

Beaumont, TX                       March 20 - 22                     STE - MKP/ VISIT LOCAL Schools

Houston, TX  Area                                                            (MKP brothers - Land of my                                                                  Grandfathers visit - I'll join in MOS if you have a weekend!)

West Texas - Eastern New Mexico        March 23-28        STE - MKP/ VISIT LOCAL Schools

Will be looking for lodging.  Camping is an option.   Storytelling in Campgrounds where I am staying - sharing The Little Bucket with schools along the way.  MKP Brothers reach out!            

New Mexico - Looking for New Warrior            Mar 29 - April 1, 2020              STE - Look up SCHOOLS 

Brothers to interview .  Camping in the                                                                 to canvas and visit.

desert and telling stories to campers

and their children.

TUCSON, AZ                          April 3-8, 2020                   STE with 35th Anniversary of MKP

Will be attending this as a participant and as a "spontaneous" presenter....I will also be there attending the WEG (USAGE - United States of America Gathering of Elders) or World Elder Gather.

Northern Arizona                      April 9-11                      STE -  Campgrounds in and around      Southern Utah Area                                                                     Grand Canyon STE

                                                    (MKP brothers - Camping )

Las Vegas MKP Group                    April 12 - 16                               STE -  STE . Looking for     venues.


Central Indiana - Indianapolis, IN             May 22-27, 2020            STE -  BOOKSTORES

New Castle, Maybe Chicago, IL

BIG STE with MKP Brothers 5/26/20!

Looking for VENUE in New Castle - Niles

Dayton, OHIO                     May 29-31                            STE -  U Dayton Student Union              Maybe Cincinnati, OHIO also                                                                                                


This is my schedule SO FAR!   Send Inquiry Email to get on my itinerary!

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