Below you will find the different offerings for schools and classrooms. From a single Assembly event in a school who just wants to have the emphasis of The Little Bucket felt and experienced by their students, to a school who wants to adopt The Little Bucket as a model for Character and SEL: and everything in between. Even Virtual Offering!

In St. Louis in the 2021-22 school year, you will ultimately need to book me through Springboard To Learning, but I thought it important to share with you the variety of ways in which The Little Bucket could be heard, felt, seen and experienced by students and teachers in the school and classroom. Prices for packages can be learned by contacting Springboard To Learning.

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Virtual Classroom Visits


Virtual Classroom Visits can also be arranged through Springboard to Learning.  Though the face to face presentation of the material is preferred, the story and some of the interactive lessons can be presented virtually.  As demand grows, a select number of dates and times will be reserved for online virtual presentations of The Little Bucket.  Please reach out to Springboard to learn about pricing and express your interest to get your name on the growing list.

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