People say that my ART is cartoony.  Well,  it is.  And I'm not always sure how the person who says it means it!  Cartoony reaches the kid inside.  That is, unless your kid is absent.  Then, maybe, my art might cause "disgruntlement?" Deep down I think our inner child needs some encouragement...it's okay to play.  It might be hard, scary and even painful, but that's what I am thinking art does for US when it's really ART.  Art reaches the heart of the matter - when our imagination enlivens and we shift, grow and change we become the change we want to see in the world.  Instead of a rock - we get on a roll.

Children know this better than anyone -

Cartoony is fun. I like it. Rock-n-Roll.



ART helps us see. Not with our two eyes.

But with our inner eye.

To grasp the meaning of a great work of art, C.G. Jung once said, "we must allow it to shape us as it once shaped the artist."

I think that if we function only out of using our two eyes today we are virtually blind.

Statistics and measurements alone don't describe the whole picture.  Appreciation of the antecedent is always helpful. There's got to be some inspiration, some "aha" moment somewhere!

That's where I see my mission..

My writing.

My poetry.

My storytelling.

Opening the inner eye and making it a part of our world...again.

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The world renowned conceiver, composer and director of these two beautiful and timely events, Maestro Dino Zonic, was born and raised in the Olympic city of Sarajevo. The terrible ravages of the war profoundly affected the course of his life and his career. This life altering experience inspired Maestro Zonic to dedicate his work to the service of life affirming music; music that bridges cultural, national and religious barriers to bring a universal message of peace and hope to all people.

Maestro Zonic’s work is a testament to his continual search for new ways to communicate with audiences worldwide, to foster unity between people and nations through series of Concert Spectaculars, which he produced all over the world.  In light of this visionary mission...

Maestro Zonic is also beginning to work collaboratively with Mr. Bates to create a New World Symphony which will tell the story of The Little Bucket (2014 on Amazon) in a symphonic experience of rapturous storytelling - as of September 2021 - These two men are at the very beginning of imagining what could be - and writing in the visceral movements - as we develop the story for the children of the World - of the New World. 

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Paradigm - Virtual and Immersive Symphonic Experience
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