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"I can whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Jeffrey Bates for an author visit to your school. Your students will love him and the message he brings in his presentation of The Little Bucket is truly inspirational and should not be missed!"

Nancy B. Praver

Library Media Specialist

Oak Park Elementary School

Titusville, Florida

June 2015

2021-2022 TEACHERs

Have The Little Bucket told in your classroom, or as a larger event in your school assembly!  Different packages available. 

1.  School Assembly - 45 minute interactive - storytelling, song, action/acting out scenarios with students on the stage. Splish, Splash, Giggle 'n Laugh.

2. Classroom Packages - Teachers reserve 1-5 days with Mr. Bates who tells the story, does puppet demonstrations to illustrate the model, teaches the competencies by demonstration, teaches the song, sets up Splish In Mondays and Splash Out Fridays.

3. Follow Up Consultation and Guidance - Once you involve yourself and your students in and with The Little Bucket for any length package, help will never be that far away.  


Free Resources for the classroom!

I want to make your experience of The Little Bucket enriching and deepening for the students in your classroom.  What I am offering is a character development model for elementary school age children at it's finest! 

Below you will find resources and ideas to help you in sharing The Little Bucket as a model in your classroom. If I  visit you, I will help you set up the various components so that The Little Bucket will always be working and helping you maintain a splishingly fun classroom where your students learn how to * set boundaries, * express feelings, * be imaginative listeners and * be empathetic.  There is a robust, comprehensive teacher's  guide to help you. The offerings are for 1, 3 or 5 (Residency) days in the classroom.  Teaching the story, helping set up the Class Council (Splish In Mondays and Splash Out Fridays), and guide the practice of EI competencies to get you started are included in the 5 day offering.  This program is geared for 1-3 grade classrooms, but can be taught all of the way up to 6th grade.
1.  Sing Along with The Little Bucket - "Splish, Splash, Giggle n' Laugh!"  
     Clickable file to play for your students.  Use bluetooth speaker.  Click         here to open page with WORDS to the SONG! See also Below!
2.  5 Coloring Pages from the Book to download and print.
Ballad of The Little Bucket
3. Venn Diagrams (also available in the Teacher's Guide)  CLICK TO OPEN, SAVE IMAGE, and PRINT

Inside vs. Outside Happy
Inside vs. Outside Happy
press to zoom
The Little Bucket & The Silver Bucket
The Little Bucket & The Silver Bucket
press to zoom
The Hole & The Whole
The Hole & The Whole
press to zoom
4. Click to work the PUZZLE - you may forward this link to your students. I am not sure about the login credentials. I hope this works because  puzzle's are great for concentration and focus.  This puzzle is a picture from the book.  It opens in a SEPARATE WINDOW.
5. Teacher's Guide To The Universe - available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click Here to go to the TPT website. Available in two parts digital download.

($15.00 total)

Part 1
Part 2
Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 12.42.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 1.04.06 AM.png
6.  Making the MODEL of The Little Bucket - a daily reminder. Get ice cream that the kids can eat together the day that I am there and then we turn that into the model for the classroom.  Watch Movie to the Right. 
IMG_2304 2.jpg

7. The Ballad of

Print - Teach - The Lyrics to the song!!

Turn your classroom into a
3D  experience

The Ballad of The Little Bucket
Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 8.00.48 AM.png

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"What a difference when you tell a story (storytelling) versus read it. (My students) were mesmerized, loving the whimsical verses and acting out the scenes with Mr. Bates. I was able to use the book in a variety of ways. The back of the book has sections with reflections and questions that help with class (or home) discussions. There is also a Teachers’ Guide that may help give structure for lessons to understand empathy, active listening, boundaries, and even more- feelings. I highly recommend this book for all ages as, even adults have a childlike side within themselves."                    ~Kimberly Badgett,  3rd Grade Teacher, Brevard County, Florida